The Lingering 古宅

2018-11-26 17:56:22
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導演 : 涂霆駿、麥浩邦
演員 : 朱茵、張繼聰

Our founder and creative director Derrick Tao is the movie director of the critically acclaimed horror film ‘The Lingering,’ shot in Hong Kong and featuring an exceptional cast including Athena Chu, Louis Cheng, and golden horse nominee cinematographer Leung Ming Kai. The screenplay was written by the highly respected Edmond Wong, known for his work on the ‘Ip Man’ series.

With years of experience in the film industry, we brings a passion for storytelling and a commitment to quality to every project he works on. Beyond ‘The Lingering,’ his experience includes directing and producing various films and music videos.

Our goal is to create visually stunning and emotionally compelling content that resonates with audiences. We work closely with clients from pre-production to post-production to ensure every project is a success.

Whether you’re looking to produce a film, music video, or commercial project, we have the expertise and creativity to help bring your vision to life. Contact us to learn more about our work and how we can help you create captivating content.

我們創作總監Derrick Tao導演了恐怖電影《古宅》的導演,該片在香港拍攝,演員與製作陣容強大,包括朱茵、張繼聰與及多次獲得金馬獎、金像獎提名的攝影師梁銘佳。編劇方面則由《葉問》系列的編劇黃子恒執筆。




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