Swire | Baby Horseshoe Crab Fostering Programme

2015-10-31 17:13:46
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Swire Properties has become the first-ever corporation to team up with the Ocean Park Conservation Foundation Hong Kong for their ‘Baby Horseshoe Crab Fostering Programme’, where 80 of Swire Properties’ staff members became foster parents to a group of adorable baby horseshoe crabs.

These tiny fossil friends travelled between Swire Properties’ business units in 2015, they were healthy enough to be returned to their natural habitat in the Ha Pak Nai mudflats near Yuen Long, where foster parents and their families & friends held a Wild Release Farewell ceremony to say goodbye, complete with a team clean-up effort on the mudflats!


於2015年,馬蹄蟹一家在太古地產員工的悉心照料下健康成長,終於可以回歸大自然。­保母們邀請親友特別於元朗下白泥泥灘舉行了野外歡送會,一起清潔泥灘,修復馬蹄蟹的野­生棲息地, 將馬蹄蟹寶寶放歸大自然,讓牠們安心繁衍下一代!