Colors of Life | Vivek Manbubani

2023-02-01 11:25:15
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Some people become depressed and helpless in the face of discrimination, but for Indian stand-up comedian Vivek Mahbubani (V), his childhood struggles have instead inspired him to see life through a humorous lens, leading him to a career in stand-up comedy.
As V says, “Comedy reminds us that life can be approached from different perspectives, including humor. If you choose to laugh about your troubles, you will find life very enjoyable!”
Apart from stand-up comedy, V is also passionate about youth outreach, hoping that more young people can learn about ethnic minorities, in the hope that communities in Hong Kong will one day become united regardless of race.
面對歧視,大部份人會感到悶悶不樂,但印裔棟篤笑表演者 Vivek Mahbubani(阿V)童年嘅成長掙扎啟發咗佢用幽默嘅角度觀察日常生活,成就佢嘅棟篤笑事業。
阿V話齋:「棟篤笑提醒大家, 生活有許多不同嘅角度,其中一個角度就係幽默。你願意講出嚟笑一下, 便會發現生活係好開心嘅!」